Wine in Restaurants

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hnuff_postLet’s see. A bottle of wine costs me and the girls seven dollars. Which means the café we like probably gets it for about four dollars. But then they turn around and list it on their menu for $28 (yes, marked up seven times).

Or $6 a glass—and usually a suspiciously small ‘glass’. Ever notice how they pour just a little less than what looks fair to you?

Well, we learned how to beat that system. Yessir, as my friend Bonnie taught me, here’s what you do. Ask for a taste first. Then a taste of another one. Then order a glass. By the time you’re done you got a legitimate full ‘glass’ for your money.

hattie_wineOf course, it usually works only for the first round of drinks, maybe the second. After that you gotta get inventive. Or start playing bridge at home.

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