A Rebate Revolution

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gnuff_postThank you all (you know who you are) for your empathetic notes in response to Hattie’s last diatribe. No, it was not easy coming down from my “appliance” experience with Sears and Best Buy, but I’ve recovered and even had a little brain storm.

What I’m thinking now is that we customers ought to start a Rebate Revolution that goes something like this. Whenever we shop somewhere, we require from the vendor an advance cash payment equal to 15 percent of the value of whatever we are buying. The terms will be that within 60 days—if the vendor submits proper paperwork in the proper format to the proper place at the proper time, all of which we will stipulate—then we will send the vendor a promise to return to that store within another 60 days and purchase an item equal in value to the 15 percent they paid us.

This thing about them issuing us conditional terms—that’s done. That’s behind us, baby. It’s time to debate the rebate and right the consumer rights ship!

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