Coffee in Restaurants

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hattie_post_grayWhy don’t restaurants get it?

If you’re gonna do one thing right, then at least do coffee right. Put a little more in the darn filter each time. Pay a little—just a little—more for some decent beans. And, please, enough of those thick mugs I can barely get my old lips around. I know they have to go through your dishwasher a zillion times, but how about something with nicer colors instead of the usual beige, brown, black, and muddy red?

Your coffee should be the centerpiece. The thing we talk about whenever your place is mentioned. “Oh, yeah, let’s go there. They have great coffee.” It’s the thing that brings us back even when the food, service, and ambience don’t.

And if your coffee is pretty good, don’t go charging overmuch for it. Cause that’s a turnoff, too.

How hard is all this to understand?

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