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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trevor Erickson

TREVOR ERICKSON is a former U.S. Marine turned filmmaker, actor, and martial arts performer. He created the role of Henry Felder, Jr. in the original play, “Captain Felder’s Cannon” and repeated the role for the feature film version, “All For Liberty,” the action-adventure feature film shot in South Carolina about an American Revolutionary War hero. Winner of nine international film awards, the film will be screened Tuesday, Nov. 9, 7:00 PM at the Terrace Theater on Maybank Highway. Mr. Erickson—who was also co-star, associate producer, assistant director, and fight choreographer for the film—will be the honoree vet at the event.

Mr. Erickson is also the founder of Clandestine Films, a Charleston-based production company that uses the latest digital technology, including 2D/3D animation and modeling, as well as greenscreen and composite techniques. His background in martial arts has made him indispensable in a number of projects including another feature film, “Cold Soldiers,” on which he served as co-producer and editor. For locals who want to take advantage of his versatile talents, he has also been a certified personal trainer for over nine years, training clients at MUSC’s Wellness Center.

Mr. Erickson recently answered some questions about being a filmmaker and actor in South Carolina…

CT: What were the most creatively fulfilling aspects of working on “All For Liberty?”

ERICKSON: As an actor, it was amazing to experience life through the eyes of someone of that period of 1776 and to bring as much truth to what they must have gone through. As the fight choreographer, it was a really nice change of pace from the type of choreography I’ve done in other films. It was a welcome challenge to work with the different weapons (tomahawks and short swords) and to discover the most practical and effective ways that they might have been used in combat at that time. As a movie fan and student of the art of filmmaking, I enjoy period films that shed light on a subject or group of people and their culture. Working on “All For Liberty” allowed me to experience first hand, and appreciate more fully, the difficult lives and incredible sacrifices of the people of that era, to whom we owe so much of our freedom.

CT: Why did you choose the film industry here in S.C. as opposed to going to Los Angeles?

ERICKSON: The lifestyle and pace of things in Charleston and in South Carolina in general are more in sync with my personality. Also, as a filmmaker, I would rather be here working on smaller projects where I’m able to have more creative control and input over the final outcome of the film. I am very aware that working in L.A. makes it difficult to get into a position of being able to make creative decisions about your projects unless you’ve been there a long time or are extremely lucky. And I like the people here.

CT: You are a former U.S. Marine: how does the motto “improvise, adapt, and overcome” translate for you into the art of filmmaking?

ERICKSON: Another saying we had in the Corps was, “The Marines have gone for so long, with so little, they can do anything with nothing.” This is absolutely the nature of independent filmmaking. We’re always working with limited budgets, time, and resources in general. It forces you as a filmmaker to think outside the box and to be as creative and resourceful as possible when coming up with solutions for how to get the shot. And it’s very rewarding when you do.

CT: In your opinion, what is the importance of “All For Liberty” as a feature film?

ERICKSON: I believe the importance of this film is allowing the audiences to be exposed to the harsh realities of the sacrifices required by those patriot fighters and their families. Also, the amount of courage and determination in the face of overwhelming odds it took for them to win in order for us to live now as free men and women.

Tickets one hour beforehand at the door: $10 general • $5 for military, vets, cast, and crew

Reception from 6:00–7:00 PM. Mr. Erickson will be on hand in the lobby. Join us for a drawing for a gift basket from the Sweet Gourmet.

Information Call Chris (843) 588.9636 / /

This screening is sponsored by The Terrace Theater, Sweet Gourmet: a Gourmet Market Place, Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina, and The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

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