Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Honorable Goodwin Nuff

MY DEAR HATTIE likes to fasten onto a problem, go on a rant, and steam like a kettle even though she knows it won’t do much good. Nothing seems to change much just by complaining, does it?

Sure, sometimes anger pricks our conscience. Makes us stand up and look a situation more square in the eye. But it don’t last for long. Truth-seeking usually doesn’t, sadly.

The heart, though, knows different. It can just tell about things. “Feel” is more the word. The heart can just feel when things ain’t right or when they’ve gone awry, and when they don’t seem to be getting better. That’s what my heart’s been feelin for awhile. “Things just ain’t right,” I keep saying to Hattie. “Maybe you should say so,” she says. “Maybe you should let that old heart do some talking for a change.”

liberty-disbelief“Well,” I said, “For instance, how did we get to the point that potato chip bags are (maybe) one-third chips and two-thirds nothing? Why the deception and our steady belief in it? Are those companies so greedy, so wanting to take advantage and deceive for profit? Like the pharmanatical companies? And the cereal companies? And the fake food companies? It just ain’t right. It’s all the way wrong.

“How did we reach the point of pervasive, corrupt incompetence by leaders who lead at the expense of we who elect—or at least think we elect—them? Do the diseases of citizenry truly warrant full-scale suspicion, supervision, and surveillance? It don’t feel right, and it ain’t right. Not even close.

eagle-tears“How did we reach the point—in a presumably productive, and ostensibly free, market economy—where everything except salaries keeps rising in value? Seems to me we have lost our class as a culture? Literally. The head of the body is swelling, the feet are growing, and the heart and gut are atrophying faster than anyone wants to say. It don’t feel right.

“No, truth-seeking don’t last long. It’s not so easy is it? Or comfortable? This ‘land of the free and home of the brave’—maybe those lyrics need adjusting. Cause it seems we’re singin a different tune now.”

My dear Hattie didn’t say a word. Just sat there staring long out the window.

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