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Hospitality at our Hospitals

by Hattie Nuff

I know. They’re there when we really need them, thank the good Lord. But something’s gotta change. Fact is, we don’t need health care reform. We need health cost reform and health administration reform. First you get hit with big charges that are only hinted at prior to the “procedure.” Then all that mystifying... Read »

Coffee in Restaurants

by Hattie Nuff

Why don’t restaurants get it? If you’re gonna do one thing right, then at least do coffee right. Put a little more in the darn filter each time. Pay a little—just a little—more for some decent beans. And, please, enough of those thick mugs I can barely get my old lips around. I know... Read »

Chintzee-Katchip at Chic-Fil-A

by Hattie Nuff

It’s a nice (for fast food) place. Clean, attractive, good chicken sandwiches, fun desserts, and an indoor playground for my grandsons. But they better be careful before they go the way of McDonalds, as in fries—waffle fries no less—that taste a little stale. But my bigger concern is those itty-biddy packages of catsup (and... Read »

Recycling at Costco

by Hattie Nuff

Ever wonder why all those odd-shaped boxes are piled up next to the wall on the other side of the checkout stands at your Costco “club” (how come I never see boxes that shape anywhere else)? Well, I finally figured it out; finally saw through the scheme. It’s their way of recycling. Sure, under... Read »

Wine in Restaurants

by Hattie Nuff

Let’s see. A bottle of wine costs me and the girls seven dollars. Which means the café we like probably gets it for about four dollars. But then they turn around and list it on their menu for $28 (yes, marked up seven times). Or $6 a glass—and usually a suspiciously small ‘glass’. Ever... Read »

The New AT&T is Getting Old

by Hattie Nuff

THEY CALL THEMSELVES the new AT&T. But what they don’t tell you is that it stands for Aggravating, Terrible, & Tedious. Aggravating because of the trouble it takes to get service from them. Terrible because of the quality of service you finally do get, and tedious because of the way you are treated by... Read »

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