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LindsayKoobLindsay Koob • • recent posts
Lindsay is Charleston’s premier music expert and concert reviewer. He has written reviews for the Post & Courier and the Charleston City Paper. Lindsay had a fantasy-ridden, army-brat upbringing, featuring culture-soaked interludes (with music lessons) in places like Vienna, Austria. He graduated from The Citadel, went on to work for the Pentagon, and has long fashioned a freelance career writing about music. Lindsay has a unique ear and a rare ability to offer insight into classical music, and we are fortunate indeed to have him at CharlestonToday.

eliza2_tallEliza Ingle •• recent posts
As a freelance writer, Eliza has reviewed dance performances for the Post & Courier and the Charleston City Paper. Eliza received her BA from Middlebury College in Vermont and continued training at the Merce Cunningham and Erick Hawkins Studios. She has performed and choreographed in New York, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. She has also danced extensively with the Anonymity Dance Company and in her own solo works. She teaches modern dance, dance history, and choreography at the College of Charleston and is a certified Pilates instructor.

William “Zan” Furtwangler • • recent posts
A native Charlestonian, Zan has been a freelance writer for the Post & Courier since 1976, as a reviewer of newly released recordings and the performing arts. His columns have appeared in national journals and his reviews quoted in the biographies of internationally known artists. He is a life-long collector of recorded music, primarily classical, and an avid reader of music magazines published in the US and abroad. He holds a BA in English from the University of the South (Sewanee) and a Master’s of Public Administration from USC/College of Charleston.

Carol Furtwangler • • recent posts
Since three year-old kindergarten at Baltimore Friends School, through her Converse College career, until her acting swan song in 1989 at the Queen Street Playhouse, Carol has been involved in all aspects of theatre. Retired from a 30-year career teaching children with special needs, she quips, “I acted every day in the classroom, of course I’m convincing!” As a freelance writer and arts reviewer, she has written for the Post & Courier, the Charleston Mercury, and regional journals. A published poet, Carol is in her 15th year as coordinator of the Piccolo Spoleto Sundown Poetry Series.

Robert Bondurant • • recent posts Inventory Manager by day, Robert’s greatest aspirations involve listening to and making as much music as humanly possible, the enlightenment of all sentient beings, and perfecting the art of randomness in the kitchen. He can often be found goofing off in an inverted posture. Although a vegan health nut, he refuses to live without coffee. Robert joins us for coverage of Piccolo Spoleto 2011—and hopefully more.

Stan Gill • • recent posts
A native of Detroit, Stan has been the founder and artistic director of seven academic and professional theatres in five states. Along the way, he has written 70 plays, including 30 award-winning musicals for children (Sprouts Theatre) which have been translated into 5 languages. Stan is a consummate writer, actor, director, lyricist, and theater critic who also does a one-man show of Mark Twain. Look for his Sprouts productions at CreativeSpark! in Mount Pleasant. Watch our interview with Stan.

Duffy Lewis • • recent posts
Duffy is an adjunct history instructor with a B.A. in history and drama from Queens College in Charlotte and a M.A. in history from the The Citadel and the University of Charleston. First as an actress in New Jersey, NYC, and Philadelphia, then as a stagehand and producer in the Charleston area, she has been working in the theatre for twen…—a long time—which led to her writing, among other things, theatre reviews for Charleston Scene.

Deanna McBrearty • • recent posts
Deanna, a native of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is a former New York City Ballet dancer who now lives in Charleston. She has taught dance at the College of Charleston, been a professional model, and is the creator of Balocity, the DVD workout program. She also runs a private children’s dance studio on Daniel Island.

peter_cropped_2Peter Ingle • • recent posts
Peter is the founder of CharlestonToday. For the last 20 years he has worked as a strategic business writer for business, government, and technology clients. He has also taught writing workshops at the University of California-Chico and at Sacramento State University. A Charleston native, he returned with his wife and daughter in 2008 and started blogging as The Charleston Observer, which led to the conception of CharlestonToday. He holds a B.A. in English from the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill.

Hsquare-4x4Hattie Nuffhnuff@charlestontoday.netSee all posts
Harriet “Hattie” Nuff is a social critic and technology watchdog who comments on local issues, corporate incompetence, consumer frustrations, and other things. Her husband originally came to us and explained that Hattie, in fits of rage about customer service, bad products, road conditions—among other tings—was destroying electronic equipment in their home (telephones, toasters, TVs). She clearly needed an outlet, so we decided to give her one. With new found focus, Hattie is already working on her first book entitled, OMG, Here They Come Again.

Hsquare-4x4Goodie Nuffgnuff@charlestontoday.netSee all posts
Goodwin “Goodie” Nuff is a part-time gardener who takes life pretty much as it comes, especially on the weekend. Not as hot-tempered as his better half, he nevertheless scrutinizes the news to form his own conclusion about the state of affairs here and abroad. Once he saw how much fun Hattie was having on CharlestonToday, he decided to join in. Thus was born our most unique column: “A Nuff is a Nuff.”

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